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Focus programme 2019

In light of recent events, the United Kingdom was chosen as the focus region and Brexit as a priority topic for the year 2019 by the ICS’s supervisory board.

The aim of the focus country is to provide Styrian companies with the necessary information around current developments regarding Brexit and prepare them for upcoming changes in the export process. Furthermore, this was seen as a chance to shed light on new opportunities and trends on the market which will still prevail in Europe’s second largest national economy even after Brexit.

"The United Kingdom is the fourth most important export market for Styria, while the country reached an increase of 53% in the first half of 2018 compared to the first half of the previous year.”

In this regard, the ICS offers sector-specific events such as Industrial Strategy and topics related to it: mobility, sustainability/ Green Tech/ Clean Growth, Artificial Intelligence/ Data, Ageing Society/ Health Tech and many more.

In order to prepare our Styrian companies to changed circumstances after Brexit or to support them with market entry as well as market development, we offer events and workshops on topics such as economy, taxes, law and many more.


Brexit: effects | preparations | scenarios | future
To what extent will BREXIT affect the Styrian economy?

With a volume of 900 million EUR in 2017, the United Kingdom represents the fourth largest export market for Styria. This means that the effect of Brexit will of course be noticed in Styria too. According to a study carried out by the Institute for Economic Research (IFO) on the topic “The economical effects of Brexit […]“, Austria will face a GDP impact of 0.1% due to Brexit. For Styria, this amounts to 45 to 60 million EUR approximately. The effects on regional businesses will therefore remain manageable.

How can Styrian businesses prepare themselves for BREXIT?

We advise businesses to deal with the topic of export to third countries, especially when it comes to customs proceedings, transportation and logistics. What’s more, businesses need to face delays in deliveries too. Keep up to date with the developments around Brexit. The Styrian Chamber of Commerce, the Department Europe with a specially set-up Brexit website, the external relations of the Province of Styria as well as the ICS with informational events and the Brexit hotline (0316 601-400) assist you in every step! (have a look at the links)

What do the different Brexit scenarios mean for Styrian companies?
  • A Brexit deal would mean a regulated exit from the EU with a transition phase until the 21st December 2020. The UK would formally be a third country, but actually be treated like an EU member state and remain within the European single market as well as the custom unions in the period of the transition Phase.
  • no-deal Brexit is the worst case scenario which hardly anyone aims to achieve. Without an agreement, the UK would need to leave the EU on the 29th March 2019 in a chaotic and unorganised manner.
  • Even though it’s possible, it is very unlikely for an Exit from Brexit to happen. Much suggests that the date of leaving will be postponed from March to May or even July.
Will the United Kingdom remain an important export market in the future?

The answer to this question is Yes. Even if Brexit happens, it does not mean that the country is not worth exporting to anymore. It only means that supply chains need to be reconsidered or newly organised and more bureaucracy that will need to be faced along the way. Especially for high quality Styrians products, technologies and niche players, the UK, as Europe’s second largest national economy, will remain a highly interesting export market in the long run.

The Styrian business trip to the United Kingdom

The highlight of 2019 is the Styrian delegation trip to the United Kingdom headed by MMag. Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, the Styrian Chairwoman of Economic Affairs, from the 2nd to 4th October. In the course of this trip, businesses, representatives from the R&D division as well as other organisations and stakeholders will be given the chance to establish initial contacts and to test the water on UK’s market. Topics along the Industrial Strategy sector within the technology as well as R&D division will be discussed. Additionally, Styria will be presented as an appealing business and research location on the ground.

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