Advice on access to finance and funding

Export – the key to your future business success!

Our team, specialised in export financing and funding, never loses track, even when matters seem complex. They provide businesses interested in exporting with tailored advice about export funding and information on export loans with favourable terms. Positioning itself at the crossroad between the decision-making federal and state bodies, the ICS is responsible for collecting and pre-examining the “go-international” online export funding applications.

Internationalisation initiative “go-international”

The proven internationalisation offensive `go-international´ will be prolonged until 2021 with subsidies worth approximately 25.6 million EUR. This is why Styrian export companies can, as of now, start applying again for the funding programme `go-international´.

We provide you with the latest funding opportunities of the go-international programme, which has for decades proven to provide successful support for the internationalisation process:

  • federal funding programme
  • duration from the 1st of April 2019 until the 31st of March 2021
  • Setting up a funding account and online application can be done here
  • apply IN ADVANCE, before launching your Project
  • Pre-contact with the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA office concerned
  • a maximum of 3 applications per company possible
  • per application a maximum of 3 countries possible
  • 3 direct funding schemes: internationalisation cheque for goods, services & technologies, project cheque, digitalisation cheque
  • Opportunity for combining the direct funding schemes: internationalisation & project cheque or projekt & digitalisation cheque
  • new applications only after last one has been settled
“We take time for our regional businesses and in a personal meeting we clarify how grand-worthy your export projects are. Furthermore, we provide information on all new changes, which has been the case with the funding account on the website of ´go-international´.”
“It is very delightful that ‘go-international‘ is now going into its extension. This custom-tailored support has already enabled numerous Styrian companies to celebrate great success in their export endeavours and entering new foreign markets.”

SFG - Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH

SFG – Styrian Business Promotion Agency’s funding and financial support for export ambitions: SMEs can only apply for state funding when the ICS’s department for funding identifies that there is no entitlement to federal funding from the “go-international” programme. When applying, it is obligatory to attach the ICS’s mail stating that the funding application has been rejected.

Welt!Markt (module fair visits, module participation in competitions, module European technology transfer/EEN, module market entry)

Erfolgs!Kurs (supports Styrian SMEs in the course of undergoing changes and enhancing their qualifications in terms of digitalisation and internationalisation)

The ICS’s funding folder

Here you can receive an overview of all the information regarding export funding at the ICS

Further important information regarding export

  • AWS – Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH
  • OeKB – Österreichische Kontrollbank AG
  • OeKB – Österreichische Exportversicherung AG