Tenders of the United Nations


The United Nations procurement:

For all activities and mission of the UN’s individual institutions, products and services play an essential part to realise the vision of peace and security in the world. Just like any other public organisation, the UN depends on a procurement system with which necessary goods and services are acquired.

The budget for procurement is provided by the UN’s donor states and amounts to 18.8 billion USD per year. In order to use this money in the fairest and most reasonable way possible, The UN makes a great effort to not only include vendors from developing countries or countries in which goods and services are needed, but also vendors from donor states like Austria.

The United Nations procurements:

The by far most commonly procured goods and services stem from the following sectors:


Sector 2018    Total UN
pharmaceuticals, vaccinations 2.996
advice, Administration 1.672
transportation, post    2.386
food products and beverages     2.795
construction and maintenance     1.393
engineering and research     1.105
fuel 635.5
medical equipment     605.0
ravel and accommodation     450.0
IT,  communication equipment     440.2

Total                                                   18,8 billion USD

Vendor registration on the Global Marketplace

This UN platform has been established a few years ago and is supported by the significant awarding bodies of the UN. The platform is straightforward to navigate for potential vendors.

UN tenders:
You can find tenders and current projects on the Global Marketplace as well (www.ungm.org).