WEBINAR: Customs Procedures & Documentation [part 2]

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Part 2 | Master the Challenge!

EXPEDIRE Export Academy

Did you ever struggle with puzzling tariff regulations and time-consuming customs procedures?

When selling abroad, especially to countries outside the EU, companies often face complex customs regulations that represent serious trade barriers.

Join our free webinar series on Customs Procedures & Documentation, starting with a basic introductory session & followed by an advanced session to overcome these trade barriers!

Webinar program (part 2)

Origin of products and free trade agreements

  • Meaning of the origin of products
  • Distinction between preferential and non-preferential origin
  • Exemption from import duties based on the preferential origin
  • Assessment of the preferential origin
  • Proof of the preferential origin
  • Supplier´s declarations within the EU customs territory
  • Q&A session

Webinar Trainer

Since January 2017, Robert Jung is self-employed and acts as an independent customs service provider. Prior to that, he was employed as an export consultant at the Tyrol Economic Chamber. This task included advising on all aspects of the international trade of goods such as sales tax, delivery clauses, payment processing, customs processing and export documents. He started his career in the freight forwarding industry, where in 15 years of activity, customs clearance and the dispatch of all modes of transport (road, air freight, sea freight) were carried out operationally. This allowed him to get a deep insight into the international intertwined economy and the processes of the global flow of goods. In addition to his regular lectures as part of seminars and further training measures, he has also written several reference books that are distributed through the Austrian Economic Chamber and specialist publishers.

EXPEDIRE Export Academy

The EXPEDIRE Export Academy aims to provide those who are new to the area of “export” and those who need a refresher in various export topics with high-quality in-class courses and webinars. The webinar series consists of nine free webinars and offers the opportunity to deepen your export business know-how. Save time and attend the webinar from anywhere! The webinar language will be English! The level of English proficiency should be at least B2.

EXPEDIRE is co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) under the Coooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria.