B2B-Gespräche @ Online-Event: Are You Brexit Ready?

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The “Are You Brexit Ready?” events will reinforce the need for your business to take action now to prepare for Brexit.

With less than 100 days to Brexit, you should now be taking the necessary preparations and actions for the substantial changes that will arise on 31st December 2020.

21.10.2020: Are You Brexit ready? Free Online Event

Join us for a series of online talks on issues critical to your business; key topics will include an update on the Brexit negotiations, the effect on trade with GB and NI, an overview of customs procedures and requirements, logistics, importing goods etc.

A number of companies will also give a perspective on their preparations to date. Highlighting challenges faced and actions taken.

12.11.2020: Are You Brexit Ready? Meet the Expert Online Event

Enterprise Europe Network, in conjunction with the Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland, is bringing up to 50 Brexit experts direct to your screens with our first-ever virtual Meet the Expert event, which will give you the opportunity to engage in “1 to 1” sessions with up to 50 Brexit experts direct to your screens.

With 50 days to go to Brexit, this event, for both exporters and non-exporters alike, is a great opportunity to get the best advice possible to help you prepare for the substantial changes that will arise from 1st January 2021.

The event will take the format of pre-arranged 20-minute meetings that will be available to book in advance with a range of Brexit Experts, dealing with issues such as Customs, supply of goods and services, currency, etc.

  • All the meetings will be take place online via 1:1 Video Calls.
  • Participation at the “Are You Brexit Ready?” Meet the Expert event is FREE of charge!
  • Register before 11th November!

Why participate?

As you prepare for the substantial changes that will arise on from 1st January 2021, the panel of Brexit experts can advise you on issues that you consider relevant to your business.

Over 250 meetings will be held over the course of the two-hour period and you’ll be able to request bookings with an expert at a time that suits you.

Why take part?

This is an exclusive opportunity for companies throughout Ireland to get direct answers to those pressing questions in the run up to Brexit, at a time when such answers are vital – in areas such as customs procedures, logistics, importing goods, VAT etc.

How does it work?

To make sure that you get the most out of the afternoon, this booking portal will allow you to review and request meetings with your preferred Brexit experts. The system allows all participants to request and receive meeting submissions; with all face-to-face virtual meetings taking place on the platform via the in-house video chat feature.

Meetings will be approved or rejected based on your request. You can also decide whether to hold a meeting with an expert or not.

Once your registration has been approved, we will send you some further guidance on how to use the platform and what to expect in the lead up to the event. However, we would encourage you to contact us if you have additional questions at any stage.


B2B-Gespräche @ Online-Event: Are You Brexit Ready?
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B2B-Gespräche @ Online-Event: Are You Brexit Ready?

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